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Poster Art: Eric Pedott


2017 - short film - Drama/Fantasy/Horror - 20 min


​"1947", written and directed by Giordano Gio, was our fifth short film. It’s a tale about young Hermes, who isolates himself in his attic and embarks on an emotional spiral after witnessing his grandfather’s suicide, from whom he inherited his name, his curiosity and his strange obsession with the year of 1947. Flirting with science fiction, conspiracy theories and horror, it's a film about the struggle to express feelings and to deal with the bad and confusing, and also about the quest to find meanings in the world around you and in within yourself.

Director and Writer: Giordano Gio

Cast: João Pedro Prates, Carina Dias, Aírton de Oliveira, Bruno Barcelos

Executive Producer: Giordano Gio

Cinematography: Matheus Piccoli

Production Design: Daniel Miragem

Editor: Felipe Iesbick

Sound Design: Fábio Duarte e Guilherme Cássio

Music: Guilhermo Gil

Production Director: Clara Moraes

Assistant Director: Pedro Bughay

Costume and Makeup: Victória Souza


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