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Garden of Hours

2020 - short film - Drama - 20 min


​“Garden of Hours” is a short film written and directed by Matheus Piccoli, the first that he directs since he graduated in cinema. The short was shot in the city of Feliz, in a farm of the director’s family. Through the memories that the space evokes, we are told the story of Teresa (played by Sophia), who faces the distances between who she is and everything that her senile father still remembers, on a visit to the house where she grew up. The father is lived by the legendary actor Paulo Flores, from Oia Nóis Aqui Traveiz (legendary vanguard theater group in Brazil), in one of his rare audiovisual appearances.

Director and Writer: Matheus Piccoli

Script Doctor: Marina Cardozo

Cast: Sophia and Paulo Flores

Executive Producer: Giordano Gio and Matheus Piccoli

Cinematography: Tuane Eggers

Production Design: Gabriela Lamas and Bruna Giuliatti

Editor: Taísa Ennes

Colour grading and VFX: Rafael Duarte

Sound Design: Guilherme Cássio

Sound Recordist: Cleverton Borges

Production Director: Pâmela Moreira

Assistant Director: Jaqueline Valadares Duarte

Assistant Camera: Karen Eggers and Rafael Duarte

Eletrician: Carol Zimmer and Bruna Casali

Poster art: Tuane Eggers

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