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Middle Town​

2014 - short film - Fantasy - 15 min


"Middle Town", filmed in the urban dawn of Porto Alegre, is a short film co directed by Giordano Gio and Texas Wondracek. A confused young man, dressed as a hobbit, decides to walk back home after a costume party, and his night just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Director Giordano Gio e Texas Wondracek

Writer: Giordano Gio

Cast: Giordano Gio, Rodolfo Ruscheinsky,

Frederico Vittola, Julia Barth

Executive Producer: Giordano Gio

Cinematography: Eduarda Nedel e Fernanda Kern

Production Design: Daniel Miragem

Editor: Felipe Iesbick

Sound Design: Isabel Cardoso e Roberto Valduga Júnior

Music: Guilhermo Gil

Assistant Director: Matheus Piccoli

e Fernando Menna Barreto

Costume Design: Victória Souza

Makeup Artist: Fran Pothin e Julio Freitas


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