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About us


Fehorama Filmes began to walk its paths through the short film “The Lost Kids”, when we were still students at CRAV (Curso de Realização Audiovisual), at UNISINOS. Half part of graduation conclusion work, half part of our first projects outside of the university environment, the film was written and directed by Giordano Gio, with Production Design by Daniel Miragem, and starred by Matheus Piccoli, and it already contain much of what we continued to look for in ours projects: friendship and sincerity in crew and production formation, and the search for a plastic and esthetic care throughout the creation process.


Since it was created by Gio and Miragem in 2014, Fehorama has made the short films "Middle Town", "Iron", "Ne Pas Projeter" and "1947". The year of 2018 brought many news to Fehorama Filmes, such as Matheus joining as a partner after having participated in several projects of the company, and our first adventure in the universe of the games with the production of "Squadron 51".

Despite the different spelling, the name of the company refers directly to a toy railroad very popular in Brazil, which, as well as the idea of making cinema, contains in itself a playful from which is impossible to dodge. Since Lumière’s first public screening, film and train have been walking together, making the incredible possible through image and sound. This is the railroad we decided to walk on with Fehorama Filmes.

From left to right, Matheus Piccoli, Giordano Gio e Daniel Miragem

MATHEUS PICCOLI is graduated in Cinema (CRAV), at UNISINOS, Matheus work in cinema, publicity and TV since 2011 in many functions, as well as 3 and a half years of experience in television channels developing institutional and commercial programs from which guarantee ample knowledge of the various needs of all sectors of the audiovisual production. Currently he composes the board of APTC/ABD-RS, the sector's representative entity, as 1st Treasurer until 2021. In the production area, he participated in the Executive of the TV series “O Complexo" (dir. Tiago Rezende and Gabriel Faccini, Verte Filmes, 2021), in the feature film "Rasga Coração" (dir. Jorge Furtado, Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre, 2018), in the short films "Psychopomp" (dir. Giordano Gio, 2020) and "Garden of Hours" (dir. Matheus Piccoli, 2020), both of Fehorama Filmes. In addition, he worked in the Production Direction in TV series such as "Nosso Ofício" (dir. Tuca Siqueira, Ateliê Produções, 2019) and in commercials for companies as Aquiris, Nintendo, Honda and FIAT. As his main project, he works in the Executive Production of the game "Squadron 51” (Loomiarts/Fehorama Filmes), to be released internationally in 2021 on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch platforms by the chinese company Whisper Games. As an Assistant Director, he worked on the feature films "Depois de Ser Cinza" (dir. Eduardo Wannmacher, Pironauta Produtora, 2019) and “Rasga Coração”, and in the TV series "Para Que Servem os Homens" (RBSTV, 2013) and "Ocidentes" (TVERS, Besouro Filmes, 2013), besides being 2nd Treasurer and member of ADA-RS/BRASIL (Associate Direction Assistants). He was awarded as editor of the short films "Consertam-se Gaitas" (Anna Cris Paulus; Boca Migotto and Gue Martini, NAC, 2016) and "Secundas" (Cacá Nazario, K.K. Cinema e Vídeo, 2017), and is currently editor of the feature film "Meyerhold" and the documentary TV series "Chami", both of K.K. Cinema e Vídeo, both in production. In 2018, he joined Fehorama Filmes as a associate director, where he performs the Executive Production of its projects, including the TV series "Tiger & Julia”, in partnership with Otto Desenhos, and "Close Encounters Support Group", in partnership with Bactéria Filmes, and the feature film "Don’t Fear The Rain", as well as other short films and game projects.


GIORDANO GIO is graduated in Cinema (CRAV), at UNISINOS, and since his first short film has already leaned towards the fantastic with his first film "The Lost Kid", a tribute to the cinema he grew up watching. During his internship, Gio was apprentice to the filmmakers and screenwriters Jorge Furtado and Ana Luiza Azevedo, having his first experience being part of a script table in the TV series "Sweet Mother", staring Fernanda Montenegro, for TV Globo, which would eventually win the International Emmy Award for Best Comedy Series. Also with Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre, Gio was 2nd Assistant Director of the feature film "O Mercado de Notícias" (dir. Jorge Furtado, 2014) and recently, researcher and screenwriter of the documentary TV series "Cinema em Conflito", still in development. He also signed as a screenwriter in the TV series "Partiu?!" (dir. Bruno Carvalho) to be aired soon on cable TV. Through Fehorama Filmes, he made more four short films:  "Middle Town" (2015), "Iron" (2015), "1947" (2017) and "Psychopomp" (2020) all of them orbiting around themes such as memory, time, maturation (coming of age?), usually within the universe of fantastic cinema. Currently, he develops the project “Close Encounter Support Group”, with Bactéria Filmes, and the TV series “Tiger & Julia”, with Otto Desenhos, as well as his first film feature, “Don’t Fear The Rain”. The fantastic also took part of his theoretical and academic praxis. Art Historian graduated from UFRGS, an institution where he also became Master in Art History, Theory and Criticism, focused on two central research themes. The first one, about Art Cryptozoology, that is, the representation of fantastic beings through art and times, from antiquity to contemporary art; the second, on his dissertation "Moveable Grimoires: The Art of Méliès under the light of Other Ghosts", Gio uses the pioneer of fantastic cinema as a prism to think about the transformations of the XX and XXI centuries through recurrent elements of its cinema: the magician, the double, the devil, the dreaming, the flying machine and the train.

DANIEL MIRAGEM is an art director, graduated in Cinema (CRAV), at UNISINOS. At the university, he also made the production design of short films as "The Lost Kids" (dir. Giordano Gio, 2014) and "27 Hearts" (dir. Cris Aldreyn), having been awarded by the last. In addition to the huge experience at the field of publicity, Miragem has been working at the art department of many projects at the Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre, as such as the TV series "Sweet Mother" (2014), for TV Globo, and "Fora de Quadro" (2015), for Canal Brasil, and the film features "The Nightshifter" (dir. Dennison Ramalho, 2018) and "Rasga Coração" (dir. Jorge Furtado, 2018). He signs the production design of short films such as "Middle Town" (dir. Giordano Gio, 2014), "Exílio" (dir. Pedro Bughay, 2016), “1947" (dir. Giordano Gio, 2018), “Psychopomp” (dir. Giordano Gio, 2020) and “Takanakuy” (dir. Gustavo Vokos, 2020). 

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