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2020 - short filme - Horror/Fantasy - 7 min


​“Psicopompo” is a short film filmed in social isolation, in the midst of the pandemic. A film that tries to capture the insecurities and feelings of Brazil in 2020 through a short narrative with echoes from Edgar Allan Poe and Brian De Palma. A sound technician, in isolation, obsessed with “panelaços” (protests against Bolsonaro) and with the number of deaths from COVID-19 ends up contacting an ancient entity through a souvenir. The film was made for the Festival Fantaspoa At Home, and is being distributed as an integral part of the feature film “The Pandemic Anthology”, with wide national and international VOD distribution.

Director and Writer: Giordano Gio

Cast: Fábio Baltar, Áurea Baptista e Matheus Piccoli

Cinematography: Giordano Gio

Production Design: Daniel Miragem

Editor and Colour grading: Matheus Piccoli

VFX: Rafael Duarte

Sound Design: Fábio Baltar

Poster art: Kelvin Koubik

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