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Ne Pas Projeter

2015 - short film - Horror - 13 min


"Ne Pas Projeter", written and directed by Cristian Verardi, was a project carried out in partnership between Toque de Muerto, Filmes do Deserto and Fehorama Filmes, for the anthology feature film  "13 Histórias Estranhas". Having been exhibited at dozens of festivals around the world, this film follows a movie projectionist whose night gets specially bizarre after finding a mysterious film can.

Director and Writer: Cristian Verardi

Cast: Lisandro Bellotto, Aida Ferraz, Paulo Casanova

Executive Producer: Cristian Verardi

Cinematography: Daniel de Bem

Production Design: Renata Heinz

Editor: Daniel de Bem e Daiane Marcon

Sound Design: Ivan Lemos

Assistant Director: Giordano Gio

Makeup Artist: Juliane Senna


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