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Poster Art: Juliana Veloso


The Lost Kids​

2013 - short film - Adventure/Fantasy - 20 min


“The Lost Kids”, our first short film, started as a student project in the film graduation at UNISINOS and ended up being the foundation stone of Fehorama Filmes. Written and directed by Giordano Gio, this tribute to the cinema of the 80s, like "The Goonies" and "Stand by me", tells the adventures of Torin and his gang, who decide to go after a treasure before they get too old for this kind of adventure.

Director and Writer: Giordano Gio 

Cast: Matheus Piccoli, Carolyne Cabral, Isadora Krug,

Ricardo Seffner e Gusta Jardim

Executive Producer: Cris Aldreyn

Cinematography: Eduarda Nedel

Production Design: Daniel Miragem

Editor: Felipe Iesbick

Music: Guilhermo Gil

Assistant Director: Fernando Menna Barreto


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